Adelaide Business Agents  CALL (+61) 0417 859 190 | 83 Fullarton Road, Kent  Town, SA 5067  


SALES'     +/-$15,500 per week*

RENTAL    +/-$

PROFIT     +/-on enquiry

Trades 5.5 days per week

120,000$ plus stock

AP commissions' $3,000 pw

Lotteries commissions' $1,150 pw

Retail' $12,000 pw

2 x POS terminals

285 boxes - various sizes.



+/- 40x Bins - various sizes

New & Repeat Business

suit working owner


Inner metro. precinct

Established 28 years

reliable staffing insitu

Good client mix

New & Ongoing WIP


Adelaide & Country work.

Established 19 years

New & Ongoing WIP

 $585,000 + stock

"Flagstaff Park Fuel Depot" 

Industrial Precinct. Adjacent Murray Bridge.

A 24/7 automated operation.

CBD location 

8 x chairs

4 x wash station

+/- $6,000 p/w sales

$650 p/w + outgoings



Trades 5 days*

Mawson Lakes

Sales' +/-$4,500 p/w

Rental'+/-$1,000 p/w + outgoings.

Trades 7 days*

Unley Road, Malvern location

Sales' +/-$5,500 p/w

Rental'+/-$1,250 p/w+ outgoings

Trades 7 days*

CBD location

Sales' +/-$10,000 p/w

Rental'+/-$3,000 p/w + outgoings

Trades 7 days*

CBD location

Sales' +/-$8,000 p/w

Rental' +/-$700 p/w + outgoings

Trades 7 days*

Sales' +/-$7,000

Rental' +/-$600 


Located Arndale S/Centre .

 Trades 7 days*

Sales' +/- $10,000 -$12,000 p/w


Located in inner north S/Centre.

 Trades 5.5 days. 

Suit working Owner/Migrant. 

$81,500 + stock.


Positioned at the entrance of suburban s/centre. 

Mixed Residential,Schools nearby. 

2 x surgeries with facilities.

$850,000 per annum

Adelaide SOHO based business 

-with Contracts*

+/- $365K per annum.

$115K RTWO

"bolt on - ramped up- as is"

Wholesaler, Publishers' Agent & Distributor of`

books and e-books, mainly in the educational sector.

Revenue $1.8million

Sales = +/- $2 million.*

Profit = +/- $650,000.*

Rent =  +/-  $48,000.*

Price =       $2.3million.


A firm known for its quality effective B2Csolutions.

mainly NGO and Mining clients

+/- $2.8million revenue.

7 days metro. area.

Medical Centre nearby

Nursing home [x4] work.

Revenue'  +/- $2,155,332.

Rental' +/- $198,000 + outgoings`

Expressions of Interest


Inner metropolitan area.

Revenue' $1,400.000 p/a 

Scripts'   tba per week

Rental'    $108,000 p/a

$1,750,000 + stock

Sales'     +/- $tba per week*

Rental'   +/- $500 per week*

Suit working owner

Eastern Suburbs - 6 days trading




Sales       +/-$ 3,000 per week
Rental     +/- $340 per week
Trades 5.5 days

$68,000 + stock


Revenue / Sales'   - on enquiry
Rental/Outgoings' - on enquiry
 4 stores - various prime locations
 Exclusive prominent brands/labels
A leading fashion footwear Retailer


34 x ground level units-various configurations*

24 hour check in; free wifi *

Licenced Restaurant/swimming pool*

Suit working Owner/Family/Biz. miigrant*

$395,000+ stock


New, Repeat and On-going customer trade.

Established - well known.

Quality raw materials. 

Reliable SOP's insitu.

+/- $ 950,000  p/a sales.

Adelaide based business;

 Contracts insitu.

+/- $365K per annum*

 $115,000  RTO*


Metro - 6 days.

Revenue'         +/-$835,000 p/a.

Scripts'            +/-tba

Rental'             +/- $65,000 p/a

Asking Price     $1,200,000.

Number of Places'  50 places

Daily Fees'    $107/day 

Occupancy'  +/- 95.0% 

Tenure'           3 + 5 + 5 years

Asking Price'   $750,000+

+/- $40,000 weekly sales

+/- $3,600 weekly rental + outgoings+GST

$975,000  $875,000+ ($250,000) Stock

Under Contract

 Sales +/- $25,000 to $30,000  per week ~ commissions/ATM rental

 Rental +/- $800 + outgoings per week

Property also available @ 500K$

$295,000 + stock- SOLD


* Loc'd outer nothern metropolitan area

* Same owner for many years

* Part of successful trading group


* Loc'd  inner eastern metropolitan area

* Same owner for many years

* Part of successful trading group


Suit "working owner"

Could be home operated [save yard rent]

Opportunity to expand with more skips



NGO's, Govt.Mining, C&I customers etc.

Expansive range of plant/fleet

Property also available

$3.5 million


All Offers Considered!

Located in popular S/Centre

Trades 7.0 days; external S/C location

+/- $7,000-$7,500 weekly sales

Suit family/working owner

 $78,000   68,000$ $55,000 +plus stock 


Located in popular S/Centre

Food Court; trades 7.0 days*

+/- $4,500 to $5,000 weekly sales

$88,000;   $68,000  $55,000 +stock


+/- 25 years trading.

Recognised brand/s across a diverse industries'

includes oil,gas,mining,transport sectors.



Shopping Centre -western suburbs

Rent' 8.5%of revenue+GST+Outgoings'.

Revenue'  $750,000


+/- $3,500 per week*
+/- $350 per week*
Trades 2.5 days per week
Fresh product/Suit working Owner Operator
68,000$ plus stock SOLD

75 places

Very well presented 5 room purpose built centre in Suburban Adelaide - south.

The centre has recently undergone renovations which have boosted the centre's appeal to parents. A long lease is offered.


Sales        +/- 7,500$ per week
Rental      +/- 690   $ per week
Trades 6.0 days; closed Mondays
Price         $134,888 plus stock


Sales     +/- 5,500$ per week
Rent     +/- 452$    per week
+/-75kgs chips per week
+/-25kgs fish per week
+/- 60 birds per week;
+/- 10kgs burger meat per week
Suit owner/operator; biz. Migrant etc.
28,000$ plus stock SOLD

Sales          5,000$ per week sales
Rent           $600    per week rental
Trades 7.0 days
Suit working owner/business migrant*
$49,000 plus stock SOLD

Located on busy Jetty Road, Glenelg

Trades 7 days; suit working owner

Well known and established; repeat trade*


"Beach Road Newsagency "
Sales          +/- 35,000$ per week
Rent           +/- 1,000$ per week
Lotteries     +/- 1.5million$
Newsagency = +/- tba$
Christies Beach precinct
Price           $260,000 plus stock

Located in inner nth'n suburb adjacent to CBD

Trades 7.0 days

Suit working owner/couple


Sales'         +/- $8,500 per week*

Rent'          +/- $750 per week'

Inner MetroShopping Centre

Trades 7.0 days; Sunday optional



Located on King William Road, Hyde Park/Goodwood Area

Trades 6.0 days

Indoor/Outdoor seating

Suit working owner

Café/Snack Bar
Sales           +/- 7500$ - 8,000$per week
Rent            +/- 750$ per week*
Trades 5.0 days
+/- 10-15 kgs. weekly coffee sales
Located in CBD building – eastern side
Price        110,000$ plus stock



Located in S/Centre, western side of CBD

Trades 5.5 days

Recently upgraded

+/- 10.0kgs weekly coffee sales

Unley Road precinct

Trades 5.0 days

Suit working Owner



“Mamak Corner” takeaway - Chinese Malay
Sales         8,000$ per week
Rent          1,400$ per week
Bank street, CBD
Suit Biz. Migrant
Trades 7 days
Price       160,000$  SOLD


Only trades 2.0 days

Adelaide's best private party venue SOLD


food Court (Asian) Eatery
Sales         3,500$ per week
Rent          1,650$ per week
Harbortown Food Court precinct
Trades 7.0 days
19,000$ + stock  SOLD

Sales     +/- 5,000$ per week
Rental   +/- 625$ per week
Station Arcade; Hindley Street, CBD
5.5 days; Suit working Owner
Price     75,000$ plus stock




Located in prime spot in near CBD S/Centre

210 birds; 350kgs chips per week

Trades 6.0 days



Located in prime spot in premier shopping centre

Operated under management/Suit working owner/business migrant

+/- 25.0 kgs weekly coffee sales



Sales        +/- TBA$ per week
Rental      +/- TBA$ per week
Main Road, Blackwood;Trades 5.0 days*
A franchise system
$25,000   $15,000 plus stock

Located CBD - East side

Trades 5.5 days

+/- 37.5kgs coffee sales per week

Indoor (45) & Outdoor (20) seating

Suit Owner Operator/Suit Business Migrant



Inner Metropolitan area

4 x Consulting Rooms

4 x F/Time [2 EFT] and 8 x P/Time GP's

+/- 65.0% bulk billing

+/- 350 patients per week

F/Time Practice Manager/4 x PPT Receptionists 

Inner metropoltan Area

*Qikkids IT system

*6am to 630pm

Monday to Friday x 50 weeks

LDC - 78 places/ 5.0 rooms. 

Licenced for 75

Inner Metropolitan area

Uses Qikkids software



Highly profitable plumbing/maintenance business

Strong spread of customers

Includes vehicles and tools-of-trade


Located on main road, 

outer northern suburbs

Part of Trading Group

Suit Owner Operator/ Migrant 

Located in Northern Shopping Centre

Various revenue streams

Suit Working Owner/Business Migrant


Established some 30 years

Ideal "bolt on" to existing business

Provides cabling services, products & communication

Experienced and reliable staff in place


Well known SA Manufacturer

Strong Brand Name

New and Repeat trade


Inner Northern Suburbs

75 places


by "expressions of interest".



Outer Southern regions

On main road

Suit Biz. migrant

Located in Harbourtown S/Precinct

Trades 7.0 Days

Suit Owner Operator/Suit  Biz. Migrant


Full serviced tour/travel agency

NGO & Leisure sectors;Mainly SEA tours

Compliant with accreditation


Clients include C&I, Construction, Civil

Various Cranes

Rental, Maintenance, Spare Parts.

Operating since 1982

Clients include Govt. & NGO's 

Commercial Laundries, Boilers, HT Equipment etc.


Operating for +/- 10 years

Clients include schools, clubs, associations etc. 

Suitable (8) buses & spares included


Operating for +/- 27 years

Clients include NGO's, C&I sector

Suitable mv/ courier vans

Operating for +/- 30 years.

+/- $300,000 annual sales

Supplies, cards, gift wrap paper etc.

Clients include Supermarkets, Mini Marts, Petrol Stations etc.

Operating since 2000.

+/- $750,000 annual revenue

Provides leading solutions in various areas

Workload Automation, Enterprise Asset Audit, Management Systems

Key client and customer B2B and B2C relationships insitu.

* 1 x chair practice

* 2.0 years insitu

* 2 rooms - 1 plumbed

* Near Medical Centre



* 2 x chair practice

* 15.0 years insitu

* 3 rooms - 2 plumbed

* near major S/Centre



*Established +/- 40 years

* Provides Books from K-Y12

* Suit working Owner


* Located  metropolitan area

* Same owner for many years

* Part of successful trading group


* Trades 7.0 days-* Suit Owner Operator

* Morphettvale S/Centre precinct

+/- TBA "birds" per week

+/- TBA kgs chips per week


Adelaide Metro Area

+/- 150 (Residential) properties

+/- 4.75% average commission yield

+/- $235,000 average annum management commission. 

Located in southern Adelaide metro area

 Neat 'n' Tidy  set-up/layout

Reliable staffing available

+/- 75% to 80% Occupancy


*Located in CBD Arcade, adjacent Rundle Mall

*Food Court area

*Trades 5.5 days

*Suit Owner-Operator SOLD

*Located in S/Centre, +/- 8.0 kms from CBD

*Trades 7.0 days; under 'partial management'

*Licenced; Indoor & Outdoor Seating


*Located in inner southern metro. area

*Trades 5.5 days

* Indoor/Outdoor seating

* Both Property & Business for sale

*"Stock Only Sale"

*Located on Cross Road, Glandore

*Trades 7.0 days

*Change-of-Use Opportunity


*Located in inner northern S/Centre

*Trades 7.0 days; early close on Tuesdays

*Indoor / Outdoor seating

*+/- 2,500$ per week to a working owner

SOLD ...Business Relocated

*Well known and established

*Provides HD meals to Aged Care Sector


*Located in Westfield West Lakes S/Centre

*Both Retail and E-Commerce Trade

*Well known and Established

*Suit Owner - Operator/Family



Part of successful trading group
Trades 7.0 days; inner metro. area
To suit a working Owner Operator.


Established for some 10 years; with contracts in place; also experienced staff available
The sale includes 8 buses; all licence and compliant
Business being sold at "book value"


Sound and profitable business; proven 12 years trading
On-going and repeat business; meets industry compliance parameters.
Has major clients both in local and remote location sectors
Average NTPBT = +/- $233,946

Leading SA firm /Federal, State and Council Clients
CBD Commercial Clients with mid to high rise facilities
Some Private Schools


Successful Adelaide established multi dimensional firm wishing to divest of several business units.
Nursing & Aged Care /* Hospitality & Events
Miscellaneous - Security, Gardening et cetera
Opportunity of vertical integration  and or "stand-alone" acquisition

+/- $2.6 million annual revenue


Details By appointment Only


Well known and established SA nursery
Supplies to Mitre 10, Bunnings, Tradelink, Cole's, Woollies, Florist Shops
Both Property and Business


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